Vision & Mission

Aim and Objectives

  1. Organize and motivate the youth to take up constructive projects to uplift the masses by harnessing local human and natural resources.
  2. Reflect a code of moral and spiritual values.
  3. Imbibe dignity, a spirit of self-reliance, tolerance and respect for different views and ways of life amongst youth.
  4. Facilitate rural development encompassing all aspects of physical, economical, social, cultural, moral and spiritual life with a focus on empowering women, youth and children who form the backbone of rural communities.
  5. Emphasize year round development of village economies in agriculture, pisiculture, animal husbandry and allied activities such as craft or other small-scale industries.
  6. To rebuild a new social order in the country based on the ideas and ideals of Shri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.
  7. To bring the youth together and inflict moral & spiritual values in them and motivate them to take up constructive programmes for upliftment of the masses harnessing local resources – human and natural as well.
  8. To endevour holistic approach for Integrated Rural Development encompassing all aspects of human life of all cross-sections–health & hygiene, economical, educational, social, cultural, moral and spiritual, with focus on women, youth, children belonging to backward and minority communities.
  9. To stress emphasis on health & hygiene (Preventive & Curative) together with all round development of the village economy referring to Agriculture, Pisciculture, Animal husbandry and allied activities, Craft and Village industries, Small scale industries and other related developmental activities dovetailing Govt. sponsored schemes & programmes.