1. Submit project proposals and financial plans to the Government based on training locations, duration of program, expected participants, faculty, raw materials, stipends to trainees.
  2. Support and implement need based projects based on Government Schemes and work orders set by project authorities
  3. Train the trainees of Government sponsored programmes such as Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Health & Hygiene, Safe drinking water treatment laboratories, Low cost sanitary latrines, Education, Spiritual, Emergency Relief
  4. Conduct research in innovative methods and technologies for serving village needs such as low cost solar cookers, Primary education (Jivan Mukhi Sikha)
  5. Disseminate information to the Government and other organizations like WBREDA, Vedanta Society of Edmonton, Canada and to the villagers.
  6. Medical activities :
  •              Special Medical Camps
  •              Operating Mobile Medical Camps
  •              Institutional Delivery Centre / Community Delivery Centre
  •             Vivekananda Diagnostic Lab.