Sarvik Vivekananda Gram Seva Sanstha is the brain child of Srimat Swami Shashankanandaji Maharaj, the then Principal of Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math, Howrah.  His idea took shape in 1992 by engaging the graduates of the programme to actively pursue the ideas and ideals of Swami Vivekananda. The idea is to inspire people, – especially the distressed, the poor, undeveloped, unemployed and uneducated, to achieve the qualities of a human being who can solve their problems through perseverance, sincerity, intent, devotion and honesty. Swami Shashankanandaji inspired graduates to ply their training through the independent NGO named Sarvik (which meansthe people at large’) under the guidance of the monks at Belur Math.

Sarvik Vivekananda Gram Seva Sanstha was formally registered as a non-profit social organization in 1993-94 with branch centres across eleven districts in West Bengal, Tripura and Orissa providing economical, social, cultural, educational, health and hygiene assisting services with a morale boosting spirit of “Shiva Gyane Jiva Seva” (Worshiping God By Serving Man)…..More