Our Programs


Our projects and activities aim to uplift the economic standard of less privileged groups of people of rural and ruro-urban areas and also to provide a decent social life by enhancing their cultural, moral and spiritual values.  Basic amenities like education, shelter, safe drinking water, sanitation, etc, are greatly lacking in the rural area and an efficient health care system is a on0going struggle.   Sarvik has spread programmes in the following fields:

  1. Economical Development
  2. Education Programmes
    • Literacy Programme
    • Pre-primary & Primary School
  3. Health Care Programmes
    • Mobile Launch Service
    • Mobile Health Care Service
    • Special Medical Camp
    • Institutional Delivery Centre
    • Medical Diagnostic Centre
  4. I.C.T. Based Rural Development Programmes
  5. Training Programmes
    • Skill Development Training Programme under DIC, DRDC
      • Bee Keeping
      • Vermi Compost
      • Bhujiya-Papad Making
      • Spice Packeting
      • Embroidery
      • Jari-Chikan
    • Employment Generation Programme under DIC, KVIC, KVIB
      • Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme
      • SGSY Training Programme
  6. Social and Cultural Programmes
    • Blood Donation Camp
    • Free Minor Operation
  7. Relief and Welfare Programmes
    • Cloth Contribution in Aila effected area
    • Water Bottle Supply in Aila effected area
    • Food Serving in Aila effected area
    • Worm-ware Contribution to Poor Child




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