Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care Programme

Our organisation is working on sanitation form 2001 at sundarban. But now the work field in is not limited at Sundarban, we working at Hooghly district.

Water Testing Laboratory :

UNICEF in collaboration with the Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of West Bengal, has undertaken a Project for setting up Water Testing Laboratory in rural areas.

Our Sanstha has been entrusted to set up and run two such laboratories – one at Goghat- I Block in Hooghly District and another at Hingalganj Block at 24 Parganas (North) District. The laboratories are meant for testing % presence of bacterial disease, %presence of iron, hardness and pH value of water samples being collected from earmarked areas of operation.

Food Hygienic Awareness Camp :

                 Our field workers occasionally organize awareness camps in rural areas, particularly at villages in Sundarban for developing awareness among the masses about the food values contained in locally available vegetables, fruits and for hygienic keeping and preparation of food. The programme aims at having cost- effective hygienic food.

Sanitary Mart :

Construction of low cost Sanitary Latrines is a Nationwide Programme of Rural Sanitation launched by UNICEF in collaboration with the Central and State Govts.

Our Sanstha has been actively participating in the programme for last 10 years in six blocks spread over in four districts by way of building up necessary infrastructure, holding group discussions, seminars, training camps. In the whole process of social regeneration we have involved Panchayet members, social workers, employees of line departments of the govt. motivators and developed a congenial air of acceptability among the ultimate beneficiaries through door to door awareness campaign.

Progress of Sanitation work for 2012-13

Sl Sanitary Mart Achievement During 2012-13 Cumulative Upto 2011-12
IHHL School Toilets Water Supply for Running School ICDS Primary School tube well soak pit For individual  house For school latrine, kitchen & running water safety
1 Hasnabad 2782 208 3 90 90 20455 420
2 Hingalganj 1423 129 1 21441 268
3 Sandeshkhali-I 4526 132 73 25325 343
4 Chakdah 194 43 9 19332 81
5 Kotulpur 97105 763

“Drug Control” Programme :

This awareness Programme was sponsored by CDMU, Kolkata and implemented by the organisation at Khanakul block-I, Hooghly.